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About EMS

Have you ever thought about life beyond the usual routine? I certainly have.
At the age of 25, I had a realization that changed my perspective. It was like a wake-up call, similar to what some call being “Red Pilled.” I came to understand that life is filled with hidden layers and complexities, much like a metaphorical matrix. Since then, my curiosity has driven me to explore the purpose of our existence on this earth, encouraging me to question everything and explore various forms of movement to express my artistic curiosity about life and especially music and dance.For nearly seven years now, I’ve consistently been exploring the world of dance. I’m currently 32 years old and have delved into and performed various dance styles. Melbourne Shuffling, among others, has become a central part of my life. Dancing keeps me in constant motion, and it’s become a powerful outlet for my journey of self-discovery.
In addition to my passion for dance, I also have a musical background. During my junior high years, I played percussion, which deepened my connection to rhythm and movement and gave me a great sense of musicality. I’ve even been told I’m the Fred Astaire of my time!
I’m an old soul at heart, having grown up listening to 50’s and 60’s music. My parents owned and ran a mobile ice cream business, which they towed behind their 1934 Ford Roadster, with my brother and me riding in the rumble seat in the back! Inside that ice cream trailer was a real treasure, a modern 1990’s Rock Ola Jukebox that played the music from the golden years of the ’50s and ’60s. As a child, I wore saddle shoes and was surrounded by the nostalgic car culture, which deeply inspired me. Little did I know then that I would aspire to someday host my own community meetups, particularly Shuffle Dance Meetups, much like my father did, and share my love for both dance and the retro lifestyle with others who appreciate the beauty of rhythm and the charm of a bygone era but with a modern EDM (Electronic Dance Music) twist. 
Fast forward to today 2023, and I’ve been hosting my own meetups every wednesday consistently for a solid five years now! This journey has allowed me to witness and experience the true essence of being a community leader and forge deep connections with incredible dancers I proudly call my family. I’ve come a long way from those initial small gatherings, they grew up to 50-60 people in attendance and on occasion upwards of 100+ passionate dancers for special events. One of the highlights of my journey is the monthly Shuffle Dance Showcases that I organize. These events provide a platform for the same group of talented Shuffle dancers I’ve grown up with over the years to shine before the wider community and even the entire state of Arizona. To add a unique touch to these showcases, I bring in my own professional dance floor and dazzling lights, creating a truly unforgettable experience for the crowd. I ensure that these moments are preserved for the virtual community by recording and sharing them on Instagram.
Looking ahead, my ultimate goal is to establish my very own dance studio. This studio would serve as a haven for the community to practice, perform, and offer lessons. Most importantly, it would become the heart of Shuffle dance in Arizona, particularly Melbourne Shuffle.
In the long term, I’m setting my sights even higher. Once I reach a decade of dedicated Shuffling, I might even test my skills on grand stages like Dancing With The Stars or America’s Got Talent, using these platforms to showcase the artistry and freestyle expression of Shuffle dance.
And further into the future, I aim to collaborate with fellow members of the Shuffle dance community to establish Shuffling as an official sport and dance in the Olympics—a true testament to the beauty and artistry of this freestyle dance form. Thank you for taking the time to read my story, and feel free to explore the rest of my website for more information. Cheers to the journey ahead!



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