30-Minute Lesson

Our 30-minute dance lesson is suitable for beginners or those with limited time, deal for introducing basic concepts and fundamental moves, may work well for kids or individuals with shorter attention spans and can be used as a trial or introductory lesson to see how you like it.



Learn the Melbourne Shuffle Basics: Discover the fundamentals of Shuffle Dance, including the signature “T-Step” and “Running Man” moves that form the core of this dance style.

Rhythm and Coordination: Improve your overall Music Theory with things like, rhythm, counts, posture, coordination and more as you groove to the infectious beats of electronic dance music (EDM) with close guidance from myself.

Style and Expression: Express yourself through Shuffle Dance by incorporating your unique style and flair into the dance. Develop confidence in your movements and explore your creative side.

Progress at Your Own Pace: Learn the Melbourne Shuffle dance at a pace that suits you, ensuring you feel comfortable and confident with each step and movement. I am extremely patient with all students (There’s no rush)

No Experience Required: Whether you’re a complete beginner or have some dance experience, the 30-minute Shuffle Dance lesson is suitable for all skill levels. Join and start shuffling to your favourite music today!


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