60-Minute Lesson

Our 60-minute dance lesson is a standard duration for most dance lessons, suitable for a wide range of skill levels, provides ample time for practice, refinement, and in-depth instruction, is suitable for both beginners and intermediate dancers and allows for a more comprehensive exploration of the dance style.



Comprehensive Shuffle Training: Dive deeper into Shuffle Dance with a full hour of immersive instruction, covering not only the basics but also advanced moves, transitions, and techniques.

Enhanced Rhythm and Flow: Develop a stronger sense of rhythm and flow as you explore more complex dance sequences and footwork patterns set to fast or slow EDM beats.

Style Refinement: Hone your personal style and elevate your dance game with my expert guidance and tips to sharpen and craft the style you’ve always dreamed of having.

Individualized Feedback: Receive valuable one-on-one feedback and corrections to fine-tune your technique and elevate your Shuffle Dance skills to the next level.

Extended Practice: Enjoy an extended practice session to reinforce your learning and master new dance routines, ensuring you leave the session feeling confident and accomplished.


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